Wednesday, August 10, 2011

To “peacefull” meeting under muzzle of “akramist’s” automat: To the next anniversary of Andijan occurents

To “peacefull” meeting under muzzle of “akramist’s” automat:
To the next anniversary of Andijan occurents

On the eve of next anniversary of Andijan events in most Internet-media there were publications in which authors express the opinion of that happened on May, 13th, 2005.
They say: how many people - so many opinions, but going through pages of these sites, you are surprised, how much one-sidedly and plainly those who were not close to Andijan those days have apprehended what happened. There is a feeling, that these texts written on an outline depicted 6 years ago simply are a well paid political order, the lever for the manipulation, directed on blasting of actions of official Tashkent, and executed by these “independent” journalists by the old technique tested in the XX-th century. Still then well-known ideologists said «We achieve not the truth, but effect». Our “independent” colleagues for this time, probably, have not thought up anything better. As well as have not thought up more fair name for itself - obviously, that the person writing custom-made articles, discrediting all and everything, has no moral right to be called “independent”. Greedy dependence on pieces of paper with portraits of American presidents after all is dependence too. Let alone passionate desire to make a name on similar sorts publications…
 But it is necessary to remind - how you name this event – be it “revolt” or “revolution”, in memory of inhabitants of Andijan it remains as a revolution attempt. Extremists and criminals have tried to dethrone the constitutional power and to build Islamic Halifate in the most densely populated region of the Central Asia – Fergana valley. The people, those who were there, remember it. As also remember those people who have not supported this idea that became the reason of a failure of adventure.
Those days gangsters or as them more romantically name “akramists” with the weapon in hands, with the support of other gangsters – the unbound prisoners –  rushed on streets of Andijan with the weapon, spreading both panic and confusion. With the weapon and violence they managed to drive the frightened townspeople among which there were many old men, women and children on the central area of a city and kept them there. Then “heralds of democracy” will tell - that, Andijan people have risen against the operating power and akramists have become martyrs on their protection. You read similar delirium and it becomes opposite. And at once you recollect similar methods of information war thanks to which even the insurgents who have grasped children in Beslan, became almost such «noble avengers» for the life a misery made by war…
 As we see, such times when it is possible to consider as norm that it is possible present extremism for nobleness, and to the gangsters, ready to kill all who did not obey blindly, to create an image of noble revolutionaries. However all this tinsel breaks in tinkling sounds about the facts, on similarity of the provocation which, fortunately, managed to be stopped, not having admitted tragedy and chaos.
Even the hypocrite will agree that any “noble” action and peaceful manifestations of protest do not begin with capture of the weapon and clearing of criminal accomplices from prisons. Such scenario is the core for terrorist attacks is the fact. Fulfilled and carefully planned it should become the beginning for general chaos in which subsequently would be admitted not only Andizhan, but also other cities of Fergana valley.
Gangsters and supporters of Akram Yuldashev – the leader of “akramists” – prepared for attack beforehand. However their plans were for a while prevented by detention of a top of the movement (they appeared in the engaged mass-media as “young businessmen”) in 2004 is more often and destruction of their financial base which was a source for acquisition of the weapon, means of propagation, payment of mercenaries. However, by 2005 under the guidance of new leader Kobil Parpiev, extremists decide to start operations and violence to seize power in a city.
For this purpose to Andijan all their forces which since April had training military and physical preparation have been pulled together from nearby areas. After the verdict of guilty concerning 23 members of a movement has been givent, in the Andijan area under the guidance of Parpiev the staff into which entered about 20 leaders of “akramists” already worked, and the striking force - 13 divisions each consisting of 20 insurgents has been prepared. From the beginning of May they spent recognition in districts near objects of an attack in which course the special attention was given to studying of a mode of protection, daily routine, quantity of military men and arms, physical condition and alertness of staff, quantity of the persons bearing service in daily details. And gangsters not for pure and noble ideas – by no means were at war – for the period of preparation and directly armed rebellion have been well paid. So, on "fresh tracks", during personal searches of the detained insurgents, average from 200 to 300 dollars were found on them.
Right before an attack insurgents had last instructions and automats were distributed. The signal about the attack beginning was transferred via mobile phone by the ideological inspirer Akram Yuldashev. Parpiev directed the movement of insurgents. In total about 260 members of a movement took part in the armed actions. The separate task has been given to each group. Four squads have been tasked the military unit capture, two stormed the PPS battalion, and the big forces stormed prison.
Then there was that “peace” meeting. Townspeople tell how insurgents under a barrel of automats forced people to go to square, and then used the same old men and children as a live shield. Then about all of them they will tell, that “revolutionaries” – “akramists” have gathered on the square with peace political requirements, and military men, ostensibly, for intimidation intentionally shot them…
Simply there are no words. Foreign “heralds of democracy” like to teach others how to live. And they do not give a damn that actually, the gangsters drugged by sensation killed captured hostages on the same square and in the staff, blew up and prepared terrorist acts not only against state institutions, but also schools and kindergartens… Not got used to the connivance, ready to pursue and kill terrorists even by intrusion into other countries, «supporters of observance of human rights», capable to untie high-grade military operation in the whole states under the cover of struggle against terrorism, say to us - it was impossible to apply force, and we had to solve a problem by peace. But they have not shown any effective example under such scenario, and hardly will show ever…
But, in any case, both Uzbek people and even «supporters of democracy» - they deem May events of 2005 as an important lesson. They have taught that it is impossible in a pursuit of doubtful image of such democrats, to underestimate extremism problems and possibilities of terrorists. To stop infection contagion on a root – though, not reducing all measures to “whacking them in a toilet”, but also to research and elimination of preconditions of occurrence of this terrible threat – this is what is necessary to attach a paramount significance to in our restless time. Only this way, remaining the secular states, the region’s countries can keep the constitutional system and provide the peace on the earth.
Asror Tulyaganov, specially for